Inter-Zappa Overdrive

Front Cover

Rear Cover

Blue Marbled Vinyl Insert

Brown Marbled Vinyl Insert

Blue Marbled Vinyl Side 1

Blue Marbled Vinyl Side 2

Brown Marbled Vinyl Side 1

Brown Marbled Vinyl Side 2

Side 1 Label Close Up

Side 2 Label Close Up

Two copies owned - Blue Marbled and Brown Marbled Vinyl. Limited edition of 200 copies.

Turnip Records

Matrix Side 1: TURNIP-01-A Side 2: TURNIP-01-B
Martix inscription identical on blue marbled and brown marbled vinyl editions

Further Info:
See Information Is Not Knowledge for details of Amougies Festival film 'Music Power'
See also Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa another bootleg of this festival

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