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As a founder member of The Zappateers I recommend you to that site for all things Zappa.

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The History of this Site
A couple of years ago, I decided to do a comprehensive inventory of my Zappa collection. This was largely because I wes fed up with buying duplicate items - especially when far away from home. This quickly built up into a folder full of speadsheets, which was a drag to carry around, and at festivals I'd leave it places - you get the picture. So then I had the brainwave of putting it all on the net, so that wherever I am in the world, I can quickly and easily check my collection online.

In reality I have only a small proportion of my collection HTML'd. Mainly because my authoring skills are not the best, my time is very limited, and I keep getting new stuff. So what follows is a selection of what I have.

If you have a collection to sell, or some individual items, or you just want to chew the fat please email me on

Official Releases according to the ZFT FZ Masters List

Officially Released Singles (45, EP & 12")

Vinyl Bootlegs (LP, EP & 45)

CD Bootlegs

Covers, Tributes & Related Artists CD

Covers, Tributes & Related Artists Vinyl (LP, EP & 45)

Radio Show Records

Compilation CDs featuring Zappa

Compilation LPs featuring Zappa

Official Non-Standard CD Releases (Samplers etc)

Official Non-Standard Vinyl Releases (Samplers etc)

Books and Magazines

Videos & DVDs

Related Videos & DVDs

None of The Above - Oddities

Useful Zappa Resources on the Web

I use these sites for checking my Zappa facts, or comparing my collections

United Mutations - Peter Van Laarhoven excellent site, regularly updated with detailed information on cover bands, vinyl boots and CD boots

Zappa Patio - The lights are on but no-one's home which is a real shame. The site is so infrequently updated that it is probably best descibed as dormant. But although out-of-date this site is still a really useful resource - especially the Album Version Guide which details all of the differences between the various alternative releases, the Boots Guide which is frustratingly in need of an overhaul, and The Weirdo Discography

For information on Official Releases you can't get much better than Information Is Not Knowledge and AFFZ Singles FAQ sites

Charles Ulrich's Planet Of My Dreams site includes the invaluable Frank Zappa Gig List and the newly re-housed Frank Zappa Shows will tell you which gigs were recorded

For news and chat check out The Idiot Bastard Son of T Mershi Duween and Kill Ugly Radio

Harry's excellent Arf Arf site details his boot collection, and never forget the magnificent Zappateers